Nextjs12起動時、GLIBC_2.18 not foundのエラーが出た(解消の備忘録)

Nextjs12起動時、GLIBC_2.18 not foundのエラーが出た(解消の備忘録)

centos7 でnextjs12を起動したら、GLIBCのエラーが出た。


ready - started server on, url: http://localhost:3433
warn  - You have enabled experimental feature(s).
warn  - Experimental features are not covered by semver, and may cause unexpected or broken application behavior. Use them at your own risk.

info  - Attempted to load @next/swc-linux-x64-gnu, but an error occurred: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.18' not found (required by /usr/share/nginx/html/app/node_modules/@next/swc-linux-x64-gnu/next-swc.linux-x64-gnu.node)
info  - Attempted to load @next/swc-linux-x64-gnux32, but it was not installed
info  - Attempted to load @next/swc-linux-x64-musl, but an error occurred: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
error - Failed to load SWC binary for linux/x64, see more info here: